So I Read Random People’s Blogs

I read this tonight no some random persons blog…”there is a part of me that wanted mitt to become president because him being president could bring instant normalcy to the lds religion and help further its cause” can someone guess what kind of reaction this caused in me? well it was not positive. um first i really don’t see how this could be the case. i mean seriously besides easter, christmas and maybe a couple of other times a year we hardly even hear about our presidents religious practices…even in bush’s case. they go to church the press take pics but they don’t say well me as a methodist i believe in blah blah blah. why because there is nothing more dividing then throwing religion around. do you honestly think that if mitt was elected he could speak that freely on his religious views…NO. he can be religous and believe in god but there is no way he is going to start talking about mormon doctrine. and lets face it his role as president could place mormon doctrine and his presidential duties in a compromising positions…sundays for the president are not left to just religous practices…be has job duties fulfill. haha and oh could you imagine any actions taken against muslim countries…it could be named some mormon crusade even though it was not. and i think its really funny that many have picked mitt as a great new spokesperson for the LDS faith. i don’t know him from adam. i am assuming he is a worthy member but i don’t know. no no lets not give mitt that title. well theres my rant for the day.


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