I think i’ve done like this before but what they hey i’ll do it again.

Six quirky things about myself….
1. I can could never have enough black picture frames. i think i am up to about 40 sometime in my room (could you imagine how many i’ll have with a whole house). i see one and i have to buy it. i have loved being reunited with them but am sad that i’ll have to leave then when i move back to the UK.

2. I’ve always wanted to live somewhere where i didn’t have to have a car. i think cars are such a waste of money- i mean when you figure out how much you pay and then the gas and insurence i would much rather go on a nice holiday. i guess thats one reason why me and europe get along so great.

3. i do not like chicken on the bone. it just takes way to much effort to eat and there are gross parts involved.

4. i’ll totally get botox when i am older if i want it. i could never do a facelift or anything but botox is ok….and it just helps one age with grace.

5. i hate hate hate being chased up the stairs. my sisters know this and love to do it. i just think someone is going to grap my leg and pull me down making me fall and hit my chin on a step and me bitting my tongue off or something…i’ve thought about it way to much.

6. i have had bad luck my last 3 birthdays. 23- i am at home in texas when i was suppose to be in england staring my MA (put it off for a year). i had no friends in texas and ended up going to a coldplay concert all by myself. 24- its my first whole day in england…i didn’t know anyone, i was jet lagged and had no food…i was eating the bagels i had bought in nyc the day before. 25- i thought i had totally broken the curse…i had spent the week in Nice and was going up to Paris to be there for the blessed day and to top it all off my friend was coming to meet me…long story short my friend couldn’t find his passport so i was all alone on my birthday again. Bad Luck….but i totally am going to break the cycle this year!

I tag…Becky, Mary and Kristen


5 thoughts on “Tagged….

  1. Mag, you are too funny! I love it. What day is your birthday (not that I forgot or anything) but I will put a tribute to you on my blog that day!

  2. Oh yeah, I also remember you hate being chased up the stairs and being locked out of your apartment…

  3. Ryan & Mary says:

    Mine definitely isn’t as interesting, but I did it Magen, just for YOU! By the way, you’re the best.

  4. Oh Mags, I was seriously laughing so hard. Especially the chasing up the stairs part, so classic and I totally feel the same way. You are such a funny girl. While I was watching American Idol tonight I thought of you and your sexual attraction to Simon Cowell, I can see that actually.

  5. Courtney says:

    can i just say that when i read the blog and then the comments i can hear everyone talking and i wich so badly that we were all sitting in the room together watching american idol and commenting on how magen loves him. i cannot tell you how much i miss my girls

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