Every week i visit PostSecrets…the more and more i read them the more and more i am convinced that most people just make up some outlandish fake secret and write it on the post card. there is not way that that many people are so severely messed up. i mean i know that everyone has secretes but let me just share with you a few i found today which i find absurd.

* i breastfed until i was 6 and now i still fantasize about it
* we were not mean because we didn’t like you. he is our daddy, we know how violent he is…we were trying to save you
* i love my husband more than my daughter. I often wish she was never born.

And those aren’t even the craziest ones i heard. i just think people want to have their posts picked so they have to make them really out there…which really annoys me esp since the creator thinks that posting these secrets is creating a community but really they aren’t…well maybe a community of lies.


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  1. David says:

    Since you like PostSecret, you should really try !

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