and the testing center…

back to those byui memories…the testing center had to be one of the most unique experiences to the byui experience. back in the day there were only 2 testing centers the main one and the one in the taylor building (which i never even used until i was a senior). but looking back how funny was it to sit in a room with a hundred other people being watched over by the monitors, looking up seeing all the pictures of Christ and hoping you didn’t get caught wearing your flip flops. and then there was getting to look up at the tv screen to see your score hoping that good job would flash (i hardly ever saw that). oh byui how great you were.


3 thoughts on “and the testing center…

  1. Most of my memories of the testing center would consist of looking up at the screen and shrugging my shoulders and basically being over it. So unmotivated. And then there was the nose ring that one summer that I was hoping no one would notice. Who knows how I got away with that one. I miss the excitment of the screen, it almost felt like the lottery, totally a guessing game. I miss it

  2. monica says:

    I loved that you had to bring your own pencil, otherwise you had to pay a 1.00 to get one of theirs, or you could risk your luck with the donation bin of pencils and old computer printout paper for scratch paper. good times! You still are as funny as every, I am glad you are doing well!

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