This One’s For Misti

Misti has requested more than once for me to post the quotes from our Funny Quote Board circa 2002. Misti, Brooke please enjoy…
* Let me speak frankly when a boy….
* You give a mouse a cookie
* I mean but I really am funny!
* Now I have two instead of one
* She’s fathering his child
* Squeak Away
* Oh well i have a pencil
* She’s just going to throw it up anyways
* Um…I don’t think it really happened, I think it was on Golden Girls today
* Oh you won’t regret this
* Just me? Ok
* I’ve got lettuce
* Oh they changed it?
* 20 mins TOPS
* Opah
* Mommas gettin ready for a big concert!
* Hey there ho there
* Hitler…yeah I’ve heard of him
* Trees don’t grow perfect in nature
* What would you do if I throw this in your soup?
* Magen…Move your food!
* It was a cow?
* Okay your gettin it for your Birthday then
* My Word is My Bond
* No because they didn’t speak English
* Such a long word for such a small thing
* I am your RA
* How would that work if you had rubber bands in your mouth?
* A Book Crowd eh?

I would just like to note that neither Misti nor Brooke wanted to copy the list before we threw it away for the year. I know they have both regretted it and i am sure they are very happy that i was wise enough to make a copy.


2 thoughts on “This One’s For Misti

  1. Misti says:

    Magen YOU ROCK!!!! I totally agree, I was wrong and you were right, I about laughed my head off. I can’t even remember half of them! I am going to copy them and post them on my blog also. You can’t imagine the joy I feel right now! Thanks!

  2. I would have to say my favorite is the golden girls one, seriously I love you. I was in Rexburg this weekend and I seriously was depressed, it really made me realize that we all had the best time in college. Miss you!

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