I am Done

I’m not sure why i even watch American Idol…i guess it had a bit to do with the fact there has been literally nothing on TV. So i started watching it and was really excited about Michael Johns. But now i am done! he got eliminated and i am done!!! seriously the people got it wrong. and now idol fans are stuck with sissy David A (i know you love him misti)…but really he sounds just like Josh Groban and come on is Josh really an American idol…well maybe to people like my mother but not me.


One thought on “I am Done

  1. Misti says:

    Okay, so now I know how you really feel! But I totally agree with you about Michael, it is crap. He should have been at LEAST in the top 3. (With David A. still #1), but really why in the heck is Christie Lee Crap still there? I am going to be mad every week until she goes home.

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