Calling in Sick…Totally Worth It

I was SUPPOSE to work last sunday. working on sunday is not something i normally do…probably only done it 4 times since i’ve been at nordstroms which is pretty good for retail. But i just really didn’t want to do it and since i only have a week longer there i didn’t much care about lying and calling in sick. On saturday i talked with one of the girls i worked with who said it was totally ok if i called in…course she was probably just saying that so she could make more money but whatever it was going to effect her the most and she was ok with it. so sunday morning comes and i am just feeling sooo “sick” so i call in…everyone totally knew i was freaking it but since i had never missed a shift there i didn’t feel ever bad. and plus i was missing work so i could go to all of church. let me just say it was TOTALLY worth it.


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