A Mere 28 Percent

Bush’s approval rating stands at a mere 28 percent according to the new Gallup Poll. Now to give him a bit of credit he does not hold the lowest number…that honor was set by Harry Truman at 22 percent….course he does have a little while longer in house so give him time and he might just make there. Bush has really just turned into a joke…why was he on both American Idol and Deal or No Deal last week? Does he believe he has solved all of American’s problems and now can move on to bigger and better things like Puala and Simon? Sadly enough he has disgraced the office of president….i mean seriously who respects him? For a guy in charge of one of the most powerful countries in the world he should not be the laughing stock for the entire world. It makes me really ready for Nov…regardless of the outcome….Hopefully a little bit of respect and honor can go back into role.


One thought on “A Mere 28 Percent

  1. Brooke says:

    it’s posts like this that make me miss your sassy comments and political banter – not so much with me, but others. ah the good ole days. LOVE YOU!

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