Here’s A Funny Story

So last night some of us from the ward took a little outing to the Rangers game. In the way of baseball games it was pretty good…it was nice outside, $1 Hot dog night, the score was high and the Rangers won. So among the group were some boys with ADD. It was about the 7th inning that these boys started making paper airplanes. They started off throwing one by one seeing how far they could make them which grew into half of our section building airplanes and all of us throwing them at once. Somehow as my sister threw her’s she also threw her camera…over the rail landing a level below. Sadly the camerae is not doing very well…but luckily it is still on warranty. Of course after 25 of us threw the planes the old security man came over and freaked out and threatened to kick us out. My world we were just having a little fun…always has to be one person to rain on the parade.


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