A New Place of Refuge to Weather Out Life

If there is one then Europe taught me to do it was to enjoy life to the fullest via a seat in a cozy cafe. Seriously if i was to add up the hrs I spent in cafes the number would astonish you. Poland was a city of cafe after cafe…go to one for a drink the next for dessert and so on and so on. I fell in love with Bostons Cafe last summer while in england. I really was addicted to their vanilla steamers and i am still always in search of one that comes half way close to the wonder and spender i once had. They just don’t know how to properly froth it in the US and they always want to put whip cream on top hiding the fact that they can’t froth. and maybe they were better because they used real mugs …not paper cups…real cups. but i am not in europe anymore so i have to take what i’ve got. well today i am writing you from my new home…otherwise known as It’s a Grind…my new cafe. I love it here! the steamers are pretty good…probably the best i have found. and even better they have free Internet! so i can do my work and enjoy the cafe setting. i decided to be really adventurous today and walk here. a great idea except for that it is sooo freaking outside and so by the time i got here i had to pass on my steamer and get a smoothie instead. i figure the walking to the cafe helps to off set the calories i in take while hanging out here. i wish i would have discovered this place sooner but i shouldn’t worry i know i will be spending lots of time here. so if ever you wonder where i am you can probably find me here.


One thought on “A New Place of Refuge to Weather Out Life

  1. Misti says:

    What a fun life you are leading! I am jealous! Hey just a warning that my blog is a little Archuleta-fied, don’t be afraid, I’m just a bit obsessed!

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