Looking to Ireland

On the 12 Irish voters will go to the polls to vote on the EU Treaty. Ireland will be the only member country to vote on the treaty so the pressure is on. If they vote yes it will streamline the organization, giving more power to the center including giving the EU a real president if they vote no well then maybe the Constitution/treaty idea will be put to rest. Back in 2004 member states voted to ratify a EU constitution but was stopped by a no vote by the french and dutch. it might have been stopped but the hope did not die. before the no vote many members states had voted yes so they just had to figure out a way to better market the idea to EU citizens. so first thing they did was change the name…by calling it a constitution many countries required a referendum. whats in a name you may say??? well for Europeans the name constitution was probably not the best choice. they don’t really like the word constitution…i am not sure what it implies to them but its not positive. you look at the UK and they don’t even have a codified body of law ruling them. so saying the word constitution does not stir any patriotic feelings like it does to us Americans. so although little was changed in the old constitution it was given the new name as a treaty. it will still give more power to Brussels, create a presidency and such but at least the Europeans won’t have to call it a constitution. but will the this “new” treaty pass? EU lovers and haters alike rest their hopes with the Irish people. Ireland’s partnership with the EU has always been a favorable one for the Irish people so many believe it will pass but still there is a campaign fighting against it. Posters opposing the treaty state “many died so you could have your freedom” implying that instating the treaty would reduce the sovereignty of Ireland (which is kind of true). I know i am just a European Studies dork but its all very fascinating. If the treaty passes then the EU power will increase in not only the governance of the member countries but also globally. At a time when we find the US dollar weak, high oil prices, a looming recession and less than flattering opinions of ourselves by those who we once saw as strong allies the future significance of the US is questionable and a stronger more unified EU only adds to US problems. Nevertheless i hope the Irish vote yes…the EU deserves a constitution even if they aren’t calling it that.


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