A Birthday for the Princess

Today is the Princesses faux birthday. Its really tomorrow but since the day is going to be taken over by her dance recital and my need to go to Joe T’s we are celebrating it tonight. She’ll be 12…can you believe it. part of me thinks she should still be about 6 and then the other part of me thinks she should be 18. although she hates that her birthday surprise was ruined she found out she got a Wii…basically because my mom saw one and had to buy it right then cause had she waited it would have been gone. Not only is she excited but i am as well. I tried to talk her into getting one for christmas but she got a game boy thing instead. So happy birthday to the girl that loves I Love Lucy, playing the oboe (yay she made third chair in the highest middle school band for next year), eating chicken noodle soup for breakfast and her dog Milo (she calls him Milo and i call him Miles…this probably confuses him a bit). Happy Birthday Princess!


One thought on “A Birthday for the Princess

  1. Brooke says:

    It’s funny that you say she should still be 6. As Lou and Paige graduate from high school and middle school I think they’re pretty advanced for accomplishing those things at the wee ages of 10 and 14! oh how time flies! Happy birthday to the PRINCESS of Texas!!!

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