Drama With the D Key

I was sitting on my bed this afternoon studying with my laptop and books all around me. I had placed one of my books on my keyboard while i wrote out a flashcard and when i picked the book back up i managed to get some pages stuck under the D key and pull the little thing off. The key went flying along with 3 other vital pieces of the equation. I tried to put the tiny little pieces back together so the key would fit back on but i had no luck. I looked up ideas on the Internet…those didn’t help. I chatted with dell technicians….that didn’t help. Had it have been the Z key i probably wouldn’t have cared but i use the D key quite a lot. Plus my keyboard just looked so sad missing the D. So the solution was finally reached to just send me a new keyboard. I love that Dell has that much faith in my ability to install such things as a new keyboard into my computer. He acted like it was going to be so easy but i’m just not buying it. I decided i better back up everything again just in case i do some irrational like throw the thing across the room when i am working on it. But i am happy to get a new keyboard. there are marks on the keys i lie my fingers on the most so now those will be gone. but i still thinking that installing a whole new keyboard for one little key is a bit ridiculous.


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