Weekend In Review

Here are the vague details of what i did this weekend.
– Arranged a Batman screening
– Switched seats
– Watched Dark Knight in its entirety…including all the credits
– Was almost left at the theater
– Woke up too early for a Saturday
– Almost passed out on my little run…its way to hot here right now
– Made dinner plans
– Eat yummy chicken enchiladas with sour cream sauce
– Will probably never eat at Taco Bell again after a conversation i had
– Played the Wii…rocked at tennis, lost everything else
– Talked about life
– Planned a trip to walk the width of Chile
– Agreed on the awkwardness of side hugs
– Looked at old pics…made me miss it all
– Once again woke up too early for Sunday
– Painted my nails
– Wanted to take a nap during church
– Was persuaded to attend a different Sunday school
– Lingered Longer
– Felt old
– chatted with my life coach (no i don’t really have a life coach but if i did he would probably be it)
– Rolled my eyes at my mother…in a total you’re crazy kind of way not disrespectful.
– Went to bed too late

So there you have it that’s my weekend in review.


One thought on “Weekend In Review

  1. yes, I like it. It’s make me imagine you doing all those things and I smile. BTW, wasn’t Dark Knight like seriously amazing? And i was deeply sad watching Heath, I cried a few times of course, it’s just such a loss. He did an amazing job and it was really hard to actually believe he wasn’t here anymore. I hope he is happier now.

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