They’ve Got Religion…With So Many Nuns and Monks to Prove It

After my Gorlach post all these other Polish memories came flooding in. Because the majority of my time in Poland was spent sitting in cafe’s, eating icecream on the Rynek, walking all over town, staying out late dancing, traveling and other wise not posting very descriptive posts concerning Krakow I now return back to my favorite foreign home. So I begin my series on the beloved city and the treasures that it holds.

Its important to note the religious practices of Krakow and Poland to be able to comprehend just how many nuns and monks run around the place. I would argue that Poland is the most Catholic country out there. 95% of Poles declare themselves Catholic and of that 58% are regular mass goers. So thats Poland as a whole but Krakow is a city of Catholic steroids. I am not sure why the religion has such a strong hold in Krakow but it does…maybe it has something to do with its tight relationship with Pope John Paul i don’t know.

Before arriving in Krakow my friend Amanda had told me just how many nuns and monks were running around the town but could not have imagined what i was in store for. Now before Poland i am not sure if i had ever really seen a nun but my word within 30 mins of my arrival i had already seen 5 nuns…

Nuns Nuns everywhere!!! I became a accustom to walking along side of them, sitting next to them in the tram, waiting patiently to cross the street alone side of them, grocery shopping with them…just about everything i did there was a nun near by. And nuns were not the only ones walking around there were monks too and of course priests. the monks were interesting some had crazy haircuts (do to the order they were affiliated with). I loved seeing a line of monks walking through the planty it was like something out of a movie.

I noticed early on that the nuns all were robes of different colors…there was the classical black but some were cream, some blue, some with burning hearts, some whites and the hats were all different too. Well i was not the only one to question the colors, my LDS missionary friend asked them one day what the colors represented. We learned that the colors represent their areas of focus or maybe their order i can’t really remember. Pretty sure black focused on the crucifiction, one focused on the Virgin Mary, one administering to the sick and so on and so forth. Point is nuns aren’t trying to look fashionable by wearing the different colors, they are representin’.

I have no idea what so many nuns could actually be doing in one city…but i guess there was a need for them. The great thing about the Internet is that i can post tons of pics to prove to you i am telling the truth!


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