Now Its Time for the Laddies

I previously posted about my ideas concerning male church attire and decided I should probably also give some attention to the laddies. The problem I have with charting out some standards on female attire is there are so many more variations than with guys. Lets face it guys are pretty much locked in the suit tie combination (or if they prefer just-slack/white shit/tie combination) while girls have just so many options. But after some thought, I decided on a couple of universal truths.

* Any sort of open toe shoe should never be warn with pantyhose…and for that matter someone better have a pretty good reason to justified their need to wear pantyhose in the first place. I esp hate tan or nude colored shades…i am more understanding with black ones.

* Ladies should anticipate for cool climates. If she believes the church might be cold bring a jacket or sweater, don’t wear some guys suit coat. I think girls wear guys coats thinking it looks cute but it really doesn’t…i reminds me of high school.

* Figure out the look you are going for and FOLLOW through. Don’t pick out a really cute dress and wear shoes that don’t match. I mean after all that effort of getting ready and looking cute why ruin it with some random pair of shoes or other ugly accessory?

* It imporant to remember that you can’t just wear any old skirt or dress to church. Just because its a skirt doesn’t mean its up to church standards…pretty sure hawian print skirts are completly out of the question. (its like carton ties for guys it may be a tie but don’t wear it!)

* Modest dress is a must! I always find it really awkward when girls show up to church dressed immodestly…really why would you do that? Church is one place you must be dressed modestly!

* I can’t really explain this next one but I have a thing about fabrics. Certain fabrics look really cheap and kind of trashy to me…I guess its pretty much those fake synthetic stretchy fabrics. If you do choose to wear them remember the fabric is not forgiving…so you better have the body for it!


* The hair. It should be neat and washed and not teased to such an extent that your head seems to be morphing into a alien skull. You would really think this would be a universal truth but sadly its not.

* Disclaimer- I have no fashion authority for issuing these standards and therefore believe it should be regarded as nothing less than fluff. Once, i was the girl that loved to wear flip flops, AE skirts and t-shirts with messy ponytails, now i really enjoy dressing up each Sunday but that’s just me and its okay if its not for you.*


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