Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my best friend Anita! Anita is seriously the best friend a girl could ask for! Our friendship seemed to form from mere acquaintances to full blown soul mates in a mater of a few days. It all started the one day in Kucia’s lecture when only 3 of us turned up for class. Although we were almost half way through the semester i had never really spoken to Anita, i had pretty much been a faux Euro snob. The class was made of half Europeans and half Americans, I found my American classmates really annoying and grouped Anita in with that group. But on that particular day I decided to talk to her and somehow we got on the subject of the approaching May holiday. I had already planned on taking a trip to Austria and turned out Anita was too. Since I was going to make the trip solo i suggested that we travel together and that was it, fate was sealed and we became best friends. After Austria we were inseparable, our days were spent in the cafe’s, the Rynek, various restaurants around town(mainly Mamma Mia), shopping, movie’s, trying on perfume at Sephora, dancing, walking (haha Anita hated when i made her walk places) and just loving life in Krakow! And since we’ve both been back in the US the fun has not stopped. Although it often takes multiple rounds of phone tag to get a hold of each other we are still such a part of each others lives. In May, I got a special treat and was able to go out to Cali for Anita’s graduation. It was such a blast. And have I mentioned that she is a genius? She is leaving next week to go back to Poland as a Fulbright Scholar! I am totally sad that we are going to be on different continents but so excited about the possibility of visiting her next spring! So happy birthday to the girl that’s bringing sexy back to Krakow…again!


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