Slightly Dramatic

So I suppose I can be slightly dramatic…it is a flaw i struggle with on a regular bases. For example I say that a birthday curse was placed on me three years ago and I have yet to break it. But then I was thinking and reflecting and decided that I was probably a bit dramatic. Birthday curse no, birthday mishaps maybe…but still I am not really sure if others would see it that way. Last yr in celebration of finishing my dissertation and my birthday I took my self on a nice week long trip. I hung out on the French Riviera, soaking up the sun in Nice, taking a day trip to Monte Carlo, market shopping, eating delicious French pastries and yummy mozzarella tomato salads, buying a pretty purse and swimming in the Mediterranean plus spending the blessed birth day with my one true love…the City of Paris. Ok so there was a slight blender concerning B. Edwards and his passport which prevented him from actually celebrating with me but things worked out, I met some nice people and celebrated with them instead. So the pressure is off…i don’t have to worry about breaking the birthday curse this year because i decided there never really was one to begin with. PS….I wish I was back in Nice or better yet Paris…Maybe next yr!!


2 thoughts on “Slightly Dramatic

  1. So I really like your cousins voice and actually he looks like you, weird I know. And maybe add me into your next year plan to be in europe.

  2. Ryan & Mary says:

    I would love to be included in that as well. I love those pictures Mags… and you look so hot!

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