Spectacular Spectacular

My birthday celebrations were SPECTACULAR SPECTACULAR (the spectacularness could only be stressed with the repetition). I think I had put a lot of pressure on this yrs birthday after several minor mishaps concerning the birthday the last couple of yrs. But the combination of family and friends made this birthday absolutely spectacular. And the great thing is the birthday was not confined to one single day, I felt like it lasted from Thursday to Sunday!

My 26th birthday started far too early on the 25 but love is love. My first text message arrived at approximately 6 am, just 30 mins later I found my mom and Kait looking over me. For some reason they figured the best time for the family celebration was before the sun came up so i went with it. Later i went and got my nails done and finally found the perfect party shirt (how is when you really want to shop you can find nothing?). Later that night I was surprised with Sprinkles cupcakes from the lovely Alistair Darling aka Branden…yummy yummy. And gelato from Laura B…she knows me all too well. And NBC also got me a gift…the season premiere of The Office…i’m not going to lie it was pretty much a let down as far as comedy goes but Pam and Jim are engaged so thats great.

And I should probably mention the love I felt all around the world…it was great to actually celebrate my birthday with friends here but I got calls, texts, emails and messages from friends near and far. I love you all and thank you so much for making my day great!

Friday was the Party and what a great party it was! The evening started out with dinner at Brio…my favorite Italian restaurant. Now I had planned to get there early so I could get us on the list and not have to wait for a table. In the end that just turned out to be too much…I couldn’t be put on a list because a list had not been started ok makes a little sense. What didn’t make sense was that they wouldn’t start a list for me…I actually felt dumber after listening to the conversation, I just couldn’t get their logic. But in the end we got a table and had an enjoyable dinner complete with a little Chocolate Hazelnut Creme-Brule.

The party continued back at Laura B’s house. Turns out there was a surprise in store for me. You might remember back to an earlier post about the birthday cake I wanted. I wanted it so bad I decided to try and make it for the party…turns out the cake was a bit more difficult than Martha had made it seem therefore my cake looked nothing like it. But all along my friend Christy had commissioned my baker friend Jessica, to replicate the cake. It was beautiful…I felt like a princess. And not only did she make me a gorgeous cake she made the cutest cookies ever!!! It was a great surprise! The party was great because I got to spend time with my friends…my very cool friends!

I guess my birthday celebration technically ended Friday night but really the whole weekend was great, I figure the longer you can celebrate or do something in the name of your birthday the better! Saturday I hung out with Alistair Darling, we browsed the Galleria, eat some pasta, had delicious gelato (coconut and mango are the best!), discovered the meaning of the term paper chaser and found some symphony tickets. Sunday I visited my faux family the Clark’s, it had been a while so it was great to see them all. I almost spilt a hugh jug of red Hawaiian Punch on Heather and her white shirt…apparently the expression on my face was priceless. And my home teachers visited me…got to love worthy Priesthood holders.

I would just like to publicly give my thanks to everyone who helped me have a spectacular birthday. Thank you all for making me feel so loved, without all of you it would have just been a day like any other. I love you all!


2 thoughts on “Spectacular Spectacular

  1. Misti says:

    Oh my goodness, you look amazing and your “other” friends are the greatest. I want those cupcakes, cake and cookies… please!

  2. Courtney says:

    your hair is seriously cute. i am just going to pretend that those other people in the pictures with you are “us”. i am so glad you had a spectacular birthday – you deserved it.

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