My life was forever changed last week with my first bit of a Sprinkles cupcake…Red Velvet to be exact. They were sooo yummy and sweet and cute. Well I did something dumb today…I got on the Sprinkles website…instantly I began salivating.

Good news there is a shop in Dallas!
Bad news, Dallas is still a pretty far drive for a cupcake.
Good news is these aren’t just any cupcakes they are amazing cupcakes!
Good news I can justify the drive!

I checked out the cupcake schedule and decided Saturday is the best day. Here’s what they offer on Sat…
* Banana
* Black and White
* Chocolate Marshmallow
* Cinnamon Sugar
* Coconut
* Dark Chocolate
* Milk Chocolate
* Peanut Butter Chocolate
* Red Velvet
* Strawberry
* Vanilla
* Vanilla Milk Chocolate

I’ve tried the Red Velvet and Cinnamon Sugar and loved them both…and now i really want to try the Coconut, Strawberry and Peanut Butter Chocolate. I know I can’t seriously eat all of these but if make the drive I might as well really make it worth it. And I really want to try the Carrot but they don’t offer it on Sat…sad.

So who’s in for the cupcake road trip?


3 thoughts on “Sprinkles

  1. Wright Life says:

    I wish we lived closer, I would totally go with you! They actually have one about 20 min from my house. We were in the area a couple of weeks ago and went in and it was so crowded that we decided to leave. I have yet to taste the amazingness of a sprinkles cupcake.

  2. Misti says:

    Oh my goodness, I want to go. But I would totally choose the Marshmallow and black and white!

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