Lost and Found

I am usually not a person who losses things but last summer I managed to lose a cell phone and a set of keys within weeks of each other. The phone was lost in a Polish taxi and I can assume promptly sold on some kind of black market…The keys were lost in England. I had embarked on a nice long day of shopping, studying and lunching and at some point I had misplaced my keys. The thought had occurred to me to retrace my steps but I had literally been all over Exeter that day, campus, shops, dressing rooms, Boston’s and the cathedral so decided against it. Later that week I borrowed the spare key and had a copy made. Well low and behold yesterday I was digging around in my backpack actually looking for another set of keys I have misplaced and tucked away in a little pocket were the keys belonging to the flat with a red door on Longbrook St. They were never lost just hiding really well, which is a relief to me because I hate losing things! Perhaps if I ever make it back to Longbrook St I’ll just have to use my keys and let myself in.


2 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. Ryan & Mary says:

    I would totally want to go back and see if it still works. I love the story and I hate losing things… When I got pregnant, I left my whole purse and wallet in a shopping cart at Albertsons.

  2. This is so funny , I’m good at putting things away so only I can find things . Only then I forget where I put it . Oh well it shows up later when I don’t need it , LOL LOL I here enyoying your blog quite by accident . I was on line looking for a relitive with the same last name as my married name . Then you popped up . same last name as ours . We’re in Ohio but have family in many states . Just thought I’d say Hi to another bunny rabbit . Untill some time back we had big and little rabbit’s all over the house . Most of them went to other family members . I have 2 baskets full I saved for Easter also some seramic . I should take a picture and put on my Blog . I hope you get to travel some more . My cousin and I will be going some place this summer but not to far from home . Gas is so high and so is every thing else . Hope you don’t mind me dropping in for a while .Have a great week end .Mary K R

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