I Don’t Understand All Things…And Here’s Proof

The following is a list of things in life that are incomprehensible to me. If you do believe you possess the necessary understanding please feel free to enlighten me.

1. Bumper Stickers…more specifically election bumper stickers. Why do people feel a need to sport their candidate of choice on their bumper? Do they think the simple act of placing a bumper sticker will help sway undecided voters? And what happens when the election is over and your candidate lost? Do you suck your pride up and continue to show your support for the loser or do you try with all your might to scrape that dumb thing off?

2. Morning radio show hosts…I listen to FM radio so that I can listen to music, if i wanted to listen to people talking I would switch over to AM! Radio hosts are the most annoying, for whatever reason they feel I want to hear about their faux celebrity life I do NOT. Just play they music!!!

3. Amy Winehouse…She has an AMAZING voice but yet she would rather throw her life away drinking too much and doing far to many drugs. AMY please save yourself!

4. A Box of Leaves…Martha recommended a cheap fun fall gift to give, it was a box full of fall leaves. SERIOUSLY? I love getting gifts but boy I would be so disappointed if the treasure inside were a bunch of fall leaves.

5. Eddie Ross…Why would someone lie and post a comment on my blog signing Eddie Ross’s name to it?


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