Please Understand Me

Who doesn’t love a good personality test? I for one am a big fan of them but Saturday night I was completely let down by my results of the Please Understand Me test. I am awear that some people may believe that admistering personality tests to your friends on a Saturday night is a good way to kill a party but for me it has fun written all over it.

So two of my friends and I took the test and read over our personaity results…here’s where my dissapointment comes in. Now for the other two the anasis of their personalities were pretty right on, for me it was about a million miles away from the truth…I knew it wasn’t me, my friends knew it wasn’t me and I was kind of sad. Ok not really sad but the book had been so accurate with my friends why was I the odd man out?

A couple of days later the results were still bothering me more or less because I was really curious to figure out what my personality really was. So while watching a lovely Spanish class of 8th graders I took the test again. And BINGO….I found my personality. I am not sure what happened the first time but my new results were sooo dead on! I know its a silly thing to be excited about but I was so happy to know that although unique I did fit into a group.

The Results…
I am:

ENFJ…so what does that all mean…well let me share with you some my favorite parts of the analysis

I have an apollonian temperament. My goal is become nothing less than extraordinary, but am unable to talk about my goals in a straight forward way. I am in a constant pursuit of becoming. My purpose in life is to have purpose in life! (A true example of Hamlet’s statement to be or not to be) I hunger for self-actualization and need an identity that is uniquely mine. I must be recognized. I experience life as a drama! I do not need a balance in my relationships, often times I will invest more than the other and that is alright as long as some response if forthcoming from them. I hold my self-knowledge, except with those I care for deeply. I find it amusing when others see me differently than what I really know myself to be. I have unrealistic expectations for what an experience can deliver. My work never seems to live up to the magnificence of its conception. I am an intellectual butterfly, fluttering from one idea to the next. I want an experience to have meaning beyond the event. I tend to romanticize my experiences and life. I see the possibilities in people.

So yes…Hopefully that help you to Understand Me!

And guess who has the same personality as me??? Oprah! Maybe someday I’ll be as rich as her!


3 thoughts on “Please Understand Me

  1. Hold up, did you mean ENFJ, cause there isn’t an L right? I only know this cause I’ve taken the test umm maybe like 15 times, no joke. I am also an enfj, although I have a hard time deciding whether I’m extroverted or introverted, depending on what mood I’m in and who I’m around. I remember reading my personality for the first time and I cried, so dramatic but I loved it. Wish I was there to take it with you, my annual test:)

  2. Branden says:

    Are you kidding me? That description was spot on. I’m glad you finally found your personality.

  3. Uhhh… I want to take that test. That explanation even explained why you like to take those test Mag! How’s the sub business going?

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