The follwing are a list of questions I was asked by random ppl over the last couple of weeks…this ladies and gentelmen is why I get such a kick out of life!

* Do you have babies? (asked by a 16 yr in one of my classes when I told her no and that I was only 26 she told me that was to old to not have babies yet)
* Do you have kids? (asked my a 5 yr old I made friends with at the park, apparently I look very motherly)
* What part of the green onion do you cut? (asked by my sister when she called my phone at 12:30am, keep in mind she is about to graduate college)
* Are you two sisters? (asked by a presumably drunk man at Southlake Town Center, my friend and I look nothing alike so I have no idea what he was thinking)
* Are you in high school? (also asked by the presumably drunk man, I let him know I was kind of offended by that question)
* Are we driving on rocks? (For some reason Kaitlin had it in her mind that we were driving on big rocks on the freeway, poor girl)


One thought on “Questions

  1. I love that the majority of the questions involved kids. 🙂 It just means you’re going to be a great mother. Don’t you love drunk questions? They’re the best. Sure wish we could see you!

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