The Nightmares Continue

So its been over a year since I turned in my dissertation but yet I still continue to have nightmares about the poor thing. Last night was a rather amusing nightmare based on the fact that the dream took place in Poland and there was in fact a language barrier in the dream (this wasn’t first time I have dreamed a language barrier, but I always find it so funny). The basic plot line was that I was traveling back from Poland to the UK with all my stuff, the big suitcase, the big backpacking bag and the normal backpack which housed my laptop and the contents of the dissertation. Somehow I managed to lose track of all said items while looking for my connecting train. It was at that point that the language barrier came into play as I searched for anybody who could help me. I am not sure if I ever found it all, seeing that I lost it on a train in Poland I would assume that I did not but isn’t it funny? I wonder why I still get freaked out about it all? Its been turned in for ages, the marks been given, the degree awarded but yet the nightmares continue. ps…I once dreamed I lost my dissertation when a Monk stole my backpack with my laptop inside.


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