Itunes…You Are On My List

I started out really hating Itunes mainly because I think a dollar a song is a pretty big rip off. But then I realized how convenient it was despite the inflated price for the digital song. Well as of today Itunes is back on my hate list. So the deal is I backed everything up and wiped my computer clean. Yesterday I decided to tackle my Itunes and get it all up and running again…well i should have learned with the reformatting task that nothing is ever as easy as it should be. Turns out several of my purchased songs have been lost in the transition including the new Coldplay cd and in addition my ipod won’t sync to my Itunes even though its all under the same user name. AHHHHHH…I”M SO ANNOYED! I wish I just had the actual cd’s then there would be no problem…dumb digital formats. I am sure I’ll be able to sort it all out but still sooo lame!


One thought on “Itunes…You Are On My List

  1. Branden says:

    Patience my friend…I’m sure all your stuff can be recovered. Don’t be a hater. 🙂 Just wait a few more weeks and I’ll help you!

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