Hemingway’s Got My Back

It truly does appear that several songs and all of my pictures since about last spring have been lost. Lost for what I believe is forever. Now I am not writing about to invoke any sympathy, thats not the case at all (now if I had lost my Europe pics….that would be an entirely different case) I am simply writing about it so that I may put it in the past and not be sad. And maybe, just maybe, I want to hope that I am as great as an individual as Ernest Hemingway.

A couple years ago I read A Movable Feat and learned a valuable lesson that could only be taught by the honestly of Hemingway. As the book was a memoir of his life in Paris, Hemingway shared the experience of when his wife journeyed to visit him in the south of France and as a surprise packed everyone of his works save 2 pieces (including copies) so that he would be able to work on them during his holiday. While waiting standing on the platform the luggage with all of the writings was stolen. His wife was devastated but Hemingway held out hope that something remained, but upon his arrival back to Paris his fears were confirmed, nothing was left, everything was gone. He didn’t pretend to be something stronger than he was, if I remember correctly he wrote of drinking his sorrows away but its what happened after that I respect him for. He simply got over it, as someone had once taught him, you never talk of casualties lost to war and he didn’t, he just kept writing.

I know it might sound silly to compare some songs and pics to ones early life’s works but I was quite found them. But you know, it doesn’t matter, its sad and some of it can’t be replaced but no need to fret on whats gone…So thank you once again Hemingway for sharing with me this life lesson once again.


2 thoughts on “Hemingway’s Got My Back

  1. Natalie says:

    What!!?!?!?! How could this happen. I thought you got an external hard drive. This is the most depressing thing I’ve heard all day. I totally know how you feel. You didn’t lose Europe from when I was there…right. I know totally selfish, but I’d be devastated…

  2. Mags, I really like this post. It took me at least a year to get over losing my journal from high school through 1 year of marriage. In fact, I might not be over it. But, that was pretty inspiring… I’m sorry you lost your stuff.

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