A Few of My Favorite Things…

Sometimes its the seemingly meaningless things that bring me joy and happiness. In fact sometimes its literally nothing at all just a fleeting thought in my mind. But since I am watching The Sound of Music and Maria just told me about a few of her favorite things I thought perhaps I should follow in her footsteps.
*I warn these will probably be very random*
*Picturing life as a musical…so comical
*Bert’s Bee’s chapstick and I love how my lips tingle when I put it on
*When the water in a pool is perfectly still and then placing my hand on the waters surface
*Central Market and foreign grocery stores…I love looking at all the different things. Its esp interesting when all the labels are in a different language
* Making babies smile
* Pickled Red Peppers…their deliciousness has probably multiplied in my head due to the fact that I’ve been unable to find them in the US
* Chocolate…but spare me the US stuff, even Dove can’t compare to Galaxy or Milka or Baci or Kinder
* Cuff links…no I don’t wear cuff links but I like it when guys do
* Sleeping on trains
* People playing with my hair…I am willing to do just about anything in exchange for this
* Listening to James Morrison and singing along…its a daily ritual
* Books…i love book stores esp independent shops…I love browsing through the collection…I love finding obscure books dealing with my areas of interest
* Looking at the Atlas…and I love checking maps to see whether or not Serbia and Montenegro are classified as one or two countries…if its 1 then i know the map is pre 2006
*Winks from cute guys…not old men, thats just creepy
* The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins Soundtrack
* Deciphering what foreign language someone is speaking…I can really only do this with European languages
* Shirts with ruffles are my new favorite fashion trend
* The green onion spires on the churches in Poland
* Sitting on a bench watching the world go bye
* Europe, Europe, Europe…I can’t possibly stress this enough, I love the culture, I love the history, I love the politics I esp love anything dealing with WWII, Poland and the Balkans
* Coconut Gelato
* Old Houses
* Wrap around porches…esp when there are ceiling fans
* When complete strangers are kind and helpful to me

Yeah so a rather random list but what can I say? Now go ahead tell me one of your favorite things!


2 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things…

  1. I love it. Maybe I’ll list some of those as well. 🙂

  2. Heather says:

    One of mine: Having a genuine conversation/connection with someone I just met, without either of us feeling the need to engage in small talk first, just for the social obligation of it

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