Pure Joy at the Bookstore

Saturday I made a trip to Half Price Books, mainly searching for some reading material on 1989 and also just wanting to browse the merch. Unfortunately I had no luck in my 1989 search but I did strike gold in my continual search for books on the Balkans. I picked up two incredible books, The National Question and Yugoslavia and Balkan Idols, both scholarly books and therefore never would have found on the shelves of a more conventional bookstore.

Side note…if you’re me the first thing you do when you see a title you might be interested in reading is flip to the biography of the author and work out if he or she is truly accredited to be writing on the topic, esp when it comes to the Balkans…far too many journalist uneducated on the region have decided to name themselves experts on the region doing in my opinion more harm than good. But I am happy to note that the authors of both these books are no such. Of course as much joy as I was filled with a little but of anxiety has been stirred up inside of me. Basically because I know both of these books would have been valuable resources for my dissertation and I’m sure that as I read them I will be kicking myself remembering just how unsatisfied I was with the work I submitted. But hey life goes on, maybe one day I’ll suck it up and write the diss again if not but to make myself feel a bit better about it all. Here’s to more days of pure joy at the bookstore!


One thought on “Pure Joy at the Bookstore

  1. Heather says:

    You may be the smartest person I know 🙂

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