About a year ago I officially graduated from Exeter and shortly after I received my European Studies diploma but have yet to receive my Sociology diploma from Jagellonian. I started to get concerned that all hope was lost but at last today I was informed the diplomas have arrived at Exeter and will be sent to me this week.

In the past I haven’t cared much about diplomas, I have them, I am proud of them but they sit hidden away. But I am convinced my Polish diploma will be the most cherished of them all if just for the uniqueness of them. Now I’m not entirely sure what it is going to look like but from what I hear it will be a diploma like no other. Someone told me they look like passports! I do know it will have my picture on it, I had to turn in 6 pretty ugly passport sized photos for it to get processed. And past experiences with my ancient style student card would tell me the Polish diploma will not disappoint…I seriously can’t wait to receive it!

Check out my Polish Student Card….(sorry its blurry)

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