Dyploma…Translation Dipolma

Last week my Polish Diploma made its way from Poland to Exeter and finally into my hands! Only a year late…so in true Polish style! Well I had a feeling I was really going to get a kick out of what I was in store for and let me just say I was not disappointed.

The parcel arrived via DHL (very impressive if you know my luck with DHL and international delivery).

Beautiful European Studies Seal

I received 4 copies of my transcript, 1 in English, 3 in Polish

Polish Transcript…let me translate…Magen Rabatin is a GENIUS!

To match my 4 transcripts I was given 4 Diplomas…again 3 in Polish, 1 in English

Here’s the official Dyploma…it reminds me of a passport…and yes i know the pic is terrible…remember the girl laughed after she took it…

Me and the Dyploma


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