Weekend Review….

All of the following events amounted to a GREAT weekend….

*worked a half a day got paid for a full
*listened to my new Adele CD about 100 times
* airport pickup
* chick flick viewing…Confessions of a Shopaholic
* asked where to whales go to die…answered they bloat, sink and then are eaten
* group rendez vous
* guilty indulgence of someone playing with my hair
* played with the babies….I think Baby C was flirting with me…he’s a stud!
* legitimately lost Simon Says to a 7 yr old
* played with Picnik
* found some really funny old pics involving a 7 hr train ride and some very bored passengers
* face chatted it up….shared the power of Please Understand Me…the book is magic
* gathered friends for BYU v TCU basketball game…BYU dominated! stupid horn frogs!
* eat at yummy Fuzzy’s Tacos…tacos with feta best idea ever!
* got to drive through my favorite Fort Worth neighborhood….how i want one of those houses
* eat some yummy Cookies by Jessica….sad when my highlights deal with food
* group rendez vous part deux
* slept til 12…so yeah like 11 hrs…what was wrong with me?
* kind of on time for church…only because the singles ward starts about 5 mins late every time
* really got something out of the sacrament talk…i could even quote you lines from it…impressive
* home taught…kind of funny when your new home teacher is your good friend
* visited my faux family and eat their yummy dinner….see food again
* caught up on my NASCAR…funny right…i know more about NASCAR than anyone would expect….but really its all by default…
* chatted while cleaning….multitasking, its a great thing!



One thought on “Weekend Review….

  1. Abbie says:

    What a fun weekend! I went to Confessions of a Shopaholic too and LOVED it!!! Happy Valentines day, I love your blog it is so cute:)

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