I’ve Lost It

I’ve lost it….I’ve lost all my travel skills. Once upon a time I was a world class traveler…I could get myself anywhere with little hassle. I could book a flight from London to Munich, buy all the necessary train and metro tickets with no problems. There are 3 large airports in London, I’ve flown out of all of them, and I was always really paranoid that I would arrive at the wrong one but luckily I never did. Now fast forward to yesterday….the day I made a fool out of myself not once…not twice but at least 3 times.

First I was under the impression that I was flying American Airlines, turns out I wasn’t. (to give myself from credit I flew AA to AZ but was taking US back) So I had my friend drop me off at terminal 3 because thats where AA was. I get into the terminal and find the AA desk and its all closed up, I was seriously so confused because it was only 6:30 how could the desk be closed? I thought maybe they have another desk somewhere else in the terminal so I kept walking back and forth so lost. Finally I gave in and asked the security men that x-ray the baggage who were sitting right next to the AA desk. When I asked them about the AA desk they confirmed what I had observed, that it was indeed closed and that the last flight had gone out for the night. I was in disbelief, no way the last flight had gone out because my flight hadn’t gone out. Basically I didn’t believe anything they were telling me. I think the one guy felt bad for me but all the others were just laughing at me, and them laughing at me make me think they really were just kidding me. Finally I game up with them and decided to try another route. It was then that I actually decided to actually check my flight details and that’s when i learned that I wasn’t flying AA I was on US.

Of course I was just my luck that AA and US were in different terminals. Seeing as Kris had just dropped me off I figured calling her and asking her to drive me to the right terminal was a better choice then trying to deal with the bus situation. She’s the best and came straight back to save me. So i made it to the RIGHT terminal and the RIGHT ticket desk got my ticket and head to Gate D. Too bad I can’t really read…instead of reading the gate I read my seat. When the man told me I was at the wrong gate I said “of course I am,” I don’t think he really understood my response.

So I’ve determined every airline boards their planes differently. It use to be done just by row number but now they have mixed zones into the whole mess. I pretty much think that your zone should correspond to your seat number…I mean doesn’t it make sense to load from the back of the plane forward? Maybe I would have been a little better boarding the plane had I not have been on the phone but really how hard could it be? Apparently I tried to board too early and was denied, how embarrassing to have to turn around and make my way through the line behind me. I am still not sure how they were boarding, I guess by zones and zones have nothing to do with what row you’re in only when you check in because when I got on all the seats around me were already occupied.

So all pretty much a disaster….and decided I am not a huge lover of flying, I am fine with the actual flying I just don’t like all the other stuff associated with it. I’d much rather ride a train but that’s not really an option here in the States and I guess its more time consuming so not always the most convenient but still so much less of a hassle.


2 thoughts on “I’ve Lost It

  1. Branden says:

    Oh Magen! I feel your pain. I’m sorry your traveling experiences were so sucky. I definitely understand where you’re comin’ from. I can explain the whole seating/zones thing to you if you want. 🙂

  2. monica says:

    i love your stories, i can always get a great laugh from you!

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