Birds Of A Feather, We Stick Together

So as I mentioned, I spent last weekend with my best friends, and I realized just how similar we all might be. As proof I submit 2 pieces of evidence…

#1- We all must have a fan to sleep with. Since I was little I’ve been addicted to fans and these girls are no different. The first thing Becs said when she got out of the car driving from California was, “I forgot a fan.” Later that night Mary called to see if there was an extra fan or if she should bring one with her on her flight from Idaho. Luckily Kristen had anticipated it all and had already borrowed 2 extra fans from her parents bringing our fan count up to a total of 4. Needless to say we all slept fine with the hum of the fan in the background.

#2 Blog Stalking….I am a big blog stalker, I blame it on the fact that not enough of my friends update so I am always in search of new reading material. Well Kristen and I were both confessing our blog stalking ways and discovered we were stalking some of the same ppl. Now that may not mean much but we both have to go through like 4 other ppl to get to those we stalk so really what were the chances the victims of our stalking would be the same.

So there you have….us birds really do stick together.


One thought on “Birds Of A Feather, We Stick Together

  1. Wright Life says:

    I’m so glad we blog stock the same people…and i’m even more glad that i’m not the only one who blog stocks! You are my kidred spirit for sure

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