The Girl Loves Soap and Bubbles

Tonight I was hanging out with my favorite little 4 yr old, Cara, and boy is she a funny one. So she loves bubbles and soap. She loves the way liquid soap glistens when its on your skin and she loves trying to fill the sink with about 6 inches of soap and tonight she came up with another fun bubble idea. Tonight, I looked down at her and she was making bubbles in her mouth with her lips, it was kind of impressive, kind of gross but what was really impressive was the amount of bubbles she was able to produce, she was a little bubble machine. That’s when I started to question how in the world she was able to do that and she just laughed. Then I thought my word the girl put liquid soap in her mouth and sure enough when I asked her if she had she just shook her head and laughed. It was seriously so funny. I guess her mothers never going to have any success with the soap in the mouth threat.


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