All In My Head

I have this habit of repeating certain words in a British accent in my head, that’s right in my head and usually never out loud. Why only in my head you ask? Well when you make friends with lots of Brits you come to find out that in fact they do not find it cute or charming to mimic their accents so you don’t do it. And in my head I have a perfect accent, out loud i definitely do not. I like some words just because they sound prettier, others because they sound nothing like the American version. So if you ever see me staring off into space it might just be because I am repeating over and over again these words in my head:

* Aluminium
* Oregano
* Garage
* Renaissance
* Naughty
* Urine
* Urinal
* Booty Call
* Spot On
* Birmingham (with a Northern accent of course)
* cafe
* Afganistan or Pakistan or any of the other *stan* countries

I am sure there are more but these are the main ones. Maybe I am strang but it atleast it gives me something to do while being bored by your conversation.


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