Can I Please Speak With Someone

I need someone to speak to, more specifically I need someone in this country to talk European politics with. And I don’t want to talk European politics in relation to the US, I just want Europe for Europe’s sake, no mambo jumbo socialist talk.

Today I am really wishing I had that someone! I really love reading the BBC Europe section and this morning I literally got chills from it all. For some reason American politics just doesn’t do it for me anymore, I don’t know why, thats where my loved started but somewhere it died. Europe is just so much more fascinating and dynamic. You have each individual country and their governments and politics and then you have the EU, and the EU is just a larger more complicated governing body that is still trying to work out all the details. So never a dull moment!

Just within the last 24 hrs

*Discussion has surfaced over Le Pen, the French nationalist politician who called Nazi gas chambers a “detail of history,” and if he will be allowed to preside over the inauguration session of parliament. The rules state this duty is to be carried out by the oldest member of the European Parliament, well Le Pen just happens to be the oldest but many would rather him not. Problem is should they stop him just because they don’t agree with his views and politics?

* Last night the the ruling Czech party lost its leadership in the government when they were hit with a vote of no-confidence. So the Prime Minister Topolanek is no longer. To make things more interesting the Czech Republic currently holds the EU president rotation which was being administered by Mr. Topolanek, proving their are some cracks in the whole EU leadership thing.

*Mr. Gordon Brown, PM for the UK, has found himself in a straddling position as he is simultaneously trying to back US and European economic plans, which seem to both be heading in different directions. I wonder which one will end up victorious in the end?

Please someone talk to me!

ps…to try and curb my European thirst I am watching Samantha Brown Passport to Europe, Prague. Its not really working, its just making me really want to be there! If anyone needs a tour guide I’m ready to jet!


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