Boxwood Cafe At The Berkley

My list of random things to do before I die includes eating at the Boxwood Cafe At The Berkley.  I should probably mention my main reason for wanting to dine at this establishment is because its one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants.  So i’ve been pretty serious about wanting to eat at one of his restaurants so the other night I decided to browse the menu’s of several of Gordon’s London restaurants and found the perfect one for me, Boxwood Cafe at the Berkley.  Isn’t the name just so pretty.  I think Gordon has 6 different restaurants in London but unfortunately most primarily serve fish dishes (imagine that, an island serving fish).  But the Boxwood seems to have a quite diverse mix and am confident I would walk away satisfied.  So not only will the food not disappoint but the ambiance is breath taking.  One day, hopefully in the near future, I can cross this off my list of to do’s.  

ps…you might or might not know about my obsession with reality TV.  Well Gordon Ramsay’s F Word is my new favorite.  After watching all his Kitchen Nightmares I am glad I can keep up my daily dose of him with this show.   

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