Change Your Name OR Else

Here in Texas Rep. Betty Brown, is getting some heat for the comments she made concerning Asian Americans, their names, and the proposed Voter ID bill.  Before I watched her actual comments on YouTube I was pretty convinced she was an idiot, now I am only half convinced.  Basically there are some problems when it comes to naturalized Asian Americans and their names because often times the names on their documents conflict.  There’s several reasons for this, either when they first enter the US they translate their names wrong and then later revise it, or they start to use a more Americanized name in their day to day use making it more difficult to identify them.  So in a round about way Betty Brown suggested they all just make names easier on us “Americans” especially for those poor little old poll worker.  And even after a day or two to rethink the whole statement has decided it best NOT to apologize.   

As someone that hardly ever hears her name pronounced or spelled correctly I just don’t get Brown’s logic.  To me, Rabatin is not that hard to pronounce or spell but thats just me.  But I am sure the same is true for these Asian Americans (who are citizens, not visitors to our country), to them there’s nothing usual with their names.  Heaven forbid someones last name be anything other than Brown or Jones.  
Also I have a bit of an issue with Brown’s argument in defensive of the poll workers.  Now I am sure many of them are intelligent and detail oriented but NOT all.  Last year when I voted in the primaries this was made apparent to me.  I went to my polling booth, walked right up to the table to check in showed my voters card and even had my license in hand to show them if they asked.  They didn’t ask just looked at the card and then the poll worked proceeded to cross my name off the list.  Except for that she didn’t cross my name off the list, she crossed my sisters name off the list.  Seriously?  K there are probably only 2 Rabatins in all of North Richland Hills, only 2 names to look at and poll worker couldn’t even get it right.  Don’t worry, I let her know of her mistake and simultaneously lost a great did of faith in our voting system.
So Brown, when you say they need to make it easier what are you suggesting they do?  Maybe you could devise a list of suitable names they use?  Just an idea for you!   

One thought on “Change Your Name OR Else

  1. Mary says:

    “heaven forbid their name be brown or JOHNSON”… 🙂 You’re hilarious. I love you.

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