Canoeing Expedition

Saturday several friends and I ventured out on a 10 mile canoe expedition.  I’ll admit my enthusiasm Friday night was not high especially since it meant waking up at 4:45am the next day and the chance for rain was high.  But I figured if I could get past the ungodly hr and the crap weather, it would be quite the adventure.  

So B-Ro and I decided to be canoe buddies, as we were pushed off the bank we acknowledged the trip down the rive could in fact be a breaking point in our friendship but I can happily report the relationship is still in tact.  I think we even did a pretty good job at getting us from point A to point B ten miles down river.  Sometimes the canoe would turn sideways but I am confident this had nothing to do with our skills, the canoe just had a mind of its own. 
Our little trip was full of little surprises. First I spotted a snake, then when we were walking the canoe through a shallow section I nearly stepped on a turtle both of which made me scream.  Then as we were paddling along I looked up to the bank and saw these 2 very large black creatures walking down towards the water.  Well the first thought was BLACK BEARS!!! Shear panic came over me.  Turns out those black bears were actually black cows…a very simple mistake anyone could have made.  Boy was I relived! 
The saddest part of the day was that it was overcast and rainy but at least the down pour held off til our drive home.  I am pretty sure my hair tripled in size by the time the trip was over, but what can you do?

Gettin’ Ready 

Becky & Burton 

Shallow Water

Harvey & Branden 

Lunch Stop


I let someone barrow my towel so i wrapped up in my dress to stay warm

We Survived 

2 thoughts on “Canoeing Expedition

  1. Heather says:

    I think my favorite thing about these pics is their old school quality. Do you think in addition to going to the Brazos River we also went into the 90s?

  2. Magen says:

    True true…can you believe pictures always use to look like this? i am really glad we are in the digital world.

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