Happiness Is….

* Eating yummy New York style cheese pizza

* A Rodin on a Friday night
* Viewing Mamma Mia in the Garden of the Nasher
* Chocolate + Marzipan
* Sleeping in late
* Pedi’s with my sister
* Refreshing Sonic drinks
* Shopping Sales
* 1919
* Meeting ppl who also think Sprint sucks
* Remembering my love for the Balkans
* Being told I’m beautiful…esp when its coming from a 4 yr old
* Helping Bolt save Penny
* What A Girl Wants
* Hugs from a baby
* Band of Brothers
* Sleeping in my bed
* Singing to Taylor Swift
* Dreams…dreams where your friend is cleaning
* Funny comments from the lady next to me in Sunday School
* Wise counsel
* Dinner waiting
* That silly Japanese game show
* Ice cream
* hearing a voice that had been absent for far too long
This is not only my happiness, it was also my weekend!

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