A Good Day…

Despite being slightly upset that I have to work both Friday and Saturday, while everyone else is doing fun things, today was a good day. In a weird twist of fate I worked my allotted time without spending much time with the kids (after 55 last week its a little nice to have a break) and since I wasn’t tending children I got to clean and listen to my IPOD. I listened to Duffy over and over again, plus a little Brand New. During my off time I started in on my new book, Please Understand Me II, that’s right, I am so excited about this book! If you have not had your personality tested yet please let me know and I’ll get you the stuff. I am think I might start requiring potential friends to take the test, just to help weed through those friendships that are never going to work. And then once I had gotten all the kids to bed, I managed to dig up some old videos that brought such joy to me…Exeter, Sunday night, everyone gathered in my room, listening to the designated French speaker, CLASSIC! Oh and I watched some more of IT Crowd, if you like British comedies WATCH IT! But to top off my whole evening, I had the most fascinating religious discussion with the nanny parents. The family I work for are Shiite Muslim, and I really think that by working and living with them I’ve been given a great opportunity to learn. I wouldn’t say I am really ignorant when it comes to world religions, I grasp the basics, but there is just so much to learn. So we all talked til 1:30am and that’s why my mind is still going. So it was a good day, and tomorrow will be a good day also because its Friday and I am definitely getting a Bedford Snowball before fireworks.


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