Be of Good Cheer

I was once cautioned to be of good cheer and to not be negative about life, along with many other pieces of wise counsel. I am afraid for the longest time my mind has glazed over this one seemingly small aspect and focused heavily of the other more exciting areas of advice. But over the past week I’ve been thinking about cheer.

Be of good cheer…it seems so simple, but is really? I think over the past few years I’ve found it so much easier to see the negative in life and blame all those negatives for the reasons why I am without genuine cheer. Sometimes I just think living a life of good cheer would be so much easier if I blah blah blah (the possibilities are endless). But this isn’t what counseled and this isn’t how it works. Living a life of good cheer can not be conditional, you either are of good cheer or your not, simple as that.
I know that living a life of cheer is not something that just happens, it is something that has to be worked after. Happiness is such a huge aspect of a life, I am not sure why I never really realized that it must be worked after (sometimes I’m a bit slow about life). I think it is especially apparent in time of trials, regardless of the pain those trails may cause, cheer does not need to vanish and with genuine cheer it will not.
I think its much easier for me to be of good cheer when things are fun and exciting, it much harder if not impossible for me to cheer in the mundane or ordinary. I think the highest level of cheer for me will be when I can sit in a quiet room all alone and without any rush of adrenaline feel actual cheer. And tonight after hours of Karaoke, I came to the realization that my search for cheer is just as important as any other advice I was given that day years ago.
So at 1am tonight I found myself engrossed with cheer, what a wonderful feeling, but I want that always. I don’t want to be at my happiest after 4 hrs of microphone action, I want it on those days where nothing particular happens and when I am faced with a trail, really I want it always. And the thought came to me, how much more productive in life would I be if I let cheer guide my countenance? How much better of a friend I would be? How much better of a daughter would I be? How much better of a child of God would I be? And how much greater my overall quality of life would increase? My only answer is sooooo much better. This one aspect would have a huge domino effect throughout the rest of my life.
That being said…I deemed this my new motto in life….Cheer, it’s not a condition, it’s a way of life!
“And ye cannot bear all things now; nevertheless, be of good cheer, for I will lead you along….” D&C 78:18

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