Thoughts @ 23:40

* Sometimes I like to test my mind and change the time into the 24 hr system…minus 10 minus 2!

* Helping the nanny mom find a replacement for me makes it all more real that I am really about to embark on a new chapter of my life.
* I think I want my future children to call me Mummy…I mean if its between Mommy or Mummy, I pick Mummy! (My name is Magen and I am an anglophone)
* Some ppl splurge on impulse buys at the check out…I occasionally splurge on impulse airline tickets…NYC in 8 days! (Said trip has convinced my that I can actually make it through playing Penny/Bolt with darling 4 yr old for the millionth time without wanting to jump off a very high building)
* I am slightly concerned for my “diet” due to the fact that nearly all the top ranking attractions on my list of NYC sights has to do with food….sweet revenge, crumbs, H&H, dumplings etc
* I think its funny that when you get married so many of your social sins are forgotten/forgiven…ie lets say you were really slutty or that you were completely psycho when it came to guys….through out you single days your identity was directly linked to these associations but then you get married, have a kid or two and all is for gotten, as if marriage cured you of all of it….
* I can’t wait for the leaves to change colors and fall off.

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