Red Bull, It Gives You the Wings You Need to Catch the Bouquet

Saturday night I went to my friend Crystal’s wedding reception…Sunday I woke up slight embarrassed for previous actions from the night before. Here’s why…sometimes I decided to forgo my allotted amount of caffeinated drinks for the entire month and splurge on one delicious Red Bull. I know I know, they’re terrible for me but honestly I’ve only had 2 this entire year so I think I am ok. And since its a very rare occasion that I ever consumed one of these babies they tend to have quite the effect on me.

Now cut to the reception…By the time dinner was served I wanted to jump out of my chair, by the time the couple had their first dance I had jumped out of my chair and was standing waiting patiently for the dance floor to be opened to all in attendance. I do believe I was one of the first on the dance floor as soon as the first fast song came on. If I remember correctly I was bouncing around from person to person having over the top conversations of what ever suited my fancy.
By the time the bouquet was tossed I had reached the highest point of my night which explains why I was most certainly out of control. My other single friend and I had joked about acting out some dramatic fight for the bouquet but never would I have thought we could actually re-create the scenario. But the gods were smiling down on us and the perfect bouquet toss was delivered. The initial grab was between said single friend and another, arms were flying as everyone waited to see who would prevail. And then my mind sprung into flight or flight mode and I jumped into the brawl. I had no idea what I was doing…maybe I wanted to keep good on my part of the flight, maybe the thought that soon I’ll be 27 and am still single, maybe I wanted to give the audience a show or maybe it was just the red bull pumping through my body….I don’t know but whatever it was and dramatic fight for the bouquet played out. And after all the pulling and pushing had stopped and the battle was won, I raised my arm victoriously, bouquet in hand, for all in the room to see. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I, Magen Rabatin, caught the bouquet.
After the bouquet toss there was nowhere for me to go but down, and down I went. I suppose it was all the adrenaline rushing through my body but I found it almost impossible to even from sentences moments later and I am pretty sure I was shaking (sadly I’ve experienced Red Bull shakes before). And through this crashing down of emotions and congratulatory remarks from random spectators including on member of the wait staff I question whether or not I would have been capable of any of this without consuming one of those yummy drinks. I guess I don’t have an answer for this, and I guess it doesn’t matter, whats done is done and in the end I prevailed as the WINNER!
On a side note, the reception was SO much fun, I’ve been to my fair share of receptions and this definitely ranked as one of the best. Congrats Randell and Crystal!


One thought on “Red Bull, It Gives You the Wings You Need to Catch the Bouquet

  1. Crystal says:

    Um…I had absolutely NO idea that this blog post was here!! OMG AND I just LOVE the pics! You are too funny my friend! I am so very pleased that you thought my reception was one of the most fun you've been to because I wanted it to be for our guests!! (especially our friends) You caught that bouquet my girl! way to go!!

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