Most days as a substitute teacher I hand out a worksheet, take a seat behind the teachers desk, read my book and try to keep some sort of order in a class room of hormone crazed teenagers. Thats most days, but one day last week I got to act as a teacher and lead the class in a discussion on persistence and optimism which set my mind to thinking about persistence.

Now there are probably about 1000 very important areas I should work harder at being persistent with. And in addition to those 1000 very important areas there are also some rather insignificant things I would rather focus on. Well after leading the class discussion all I could think of was one of those insignificant things, it was as if I was meant to teach that class that day just so I could remind myself of the importance of persistence even if it concerns non-important things.
So what was this non-important thing which begged my persistence? Well my dear readers I love you but somethings must remain a secrete between me and my blog, not to mention the embarrassment revealing this little secrete might cause me. But lets just say there is this person that should totally be my friend although I fear this person has yet to receive the memo on this point. BUT I am being persistent and time will tell if this is a vain or not…
*ps…whatever did we do before facechat?*

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