I HEART A Good Concert

I spent last Monday enjoying the tunes of Copeland and Relient K. I was a great concert minus the fact that I was about a decade older than the average concert goer. I guess all those Copeland/ Relient K fans from 10 yrs ago have moved on to a more mutual sound. I’ll admit that my enthusiasm for Relient K was lacking at the start, after all most ppl know them best as a Christian Punk Rock band, but by the end of their set I was sold. Yeah some times their lyrics were a bit silly but other times they were beautiful. So I went for Copeland and went home a Relient K fan.

Another fun surprise of the night was turning around to see a student waving at me…I never seem to see students in the logical places like the mall or the movies…its always concerts. Hopefully he’ll spread that around and my reputation as the “cool” sub will increase.
I don’t like the steps I took
to get to look
Into your deepest feelings….

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