Ode to the Girl in the City

I have this best friend, her name is Caroline, I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t know her. Maybe you know her because I’ve told you story after story of the girl or maybe you know her because she is such a social diva. She has made quite the name for herself on the East Coast. I first “met” Caroline in Business 101 with Bro. Andrews. I totally remember Caroline from that class, she had a cast on her arm, I sat at the front of the class, but ask her if she remembers me and she’ll give you the honest answer that she doesn’t at all. We “met” again at the end of freshman year when we both interviewed for an RA position at Nauvoo. Well I remember her but she still has not recognition of the “meeting”.

Okay so maybe our friendship got off to a rocky start. Then finally during junior year we really “met”. Honestly, I wasn’t really looking to expand my current circle of friends but she was persistent and by the time she was interning in NYC we were definitely good friends. Then a year later at graduation, I had no idea what would happen to the friendship. She was off to NYC and I thought I was off to the UK. We were moving on so of course it was realistic to think the friendship was going to change. Well I took a year off before grad school, stayed in TX and talked to Caroline probably everyday. She was miles and miles away but I knew everything going on in her life. Then that Spring I traveled out to see her, it was my first time in the city and I decided it was a very good thing to have a best friend that lived there.
Then I was off to England and again I wondered what would happen? Of course we weren’t able to talk everyday like we had the previous year. But we did get to talk everyone in a while (thanks JP) and I have some of the best emails from her that year. Usually the emails sounded a little something like “seriously where in the world are you, I miss you.” When I came home for a month between semesters she came to visit me and it was just like we lived down the hall from each other again, nothing had changed even though everything had.
This year Caroline and I have been totally spoiled, we’ve gotten to see each other twice and fingers crossed will be reunited within the next couple of months. Sometimes I forget that I am not actually friends with all of Caroline’s friends even though I feel like I am (how can I help it, I hear so many stories). But I am just so glad Caroline has been my best friend for these last 5 years. So much has come in and out of our life’s, jobs, schools, boys, cities, friends but she has remained a constant. Caroline and I don’t really have that relationship were we look to each other for approval and for the most part we don’t need the other to tell us everything is going to be okay (hence the awkward reactions when either one of us has ever shed a tear or two to the other). But seriously what would I do without the girl? And I think its about time I stop wondering what will become of our friendship, I am pretty sure its hear to stay.


One thought on “Ode to the Girl in the City

  1. Liney says:

    awww…you made me cry. I love you mags!!!!!

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