Star Gazing

‘when the sky is darkest you can see the stars’

that is my favorite line from Jordin Sparks’s song Faith which I recently rediscovered on my ipod

i just love the illusion of the stars and isn’t it so true?

i live in the city which makes it pretty hard to gaze at the stars

but once i found myself star gazing in slovenia, if you ever wanted to star gaze that is the place to be

it was a summers night, there were no clouds in they sky, no distracting city lights and OH MY were there stars!

there were billions just twinkling and shining, i could have watched them all night

but i never would have seen them if the sky hadn’t have been so dark

and isn’t that like life?

sometimes we can’t see the beauty in life without a little darkness and trail


One thought on “Star Gazing

  1. Natalie says:

    love it, love stars, love the post…it is all beautiful! 🙂

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