The Wednesday Edition

* I learned how to poach an egg this week…I felt pretty cool!

* I bought some fake flowers for my room yesterday, it basically made me cringe but they really are quite lovely.  If I could afford fresh cut flowers in my room every week I would but until then the fake one will have to do.

* I’m going to try and get into a photography class tonight…we’ll see…but I just can’t stand having Vlad and not knowing how to use him.

* You want to know why I love Wednesdays? Modern Family and The Middle…if you’re not watching them I would HIGHLY recommend them.

* This weekend I’m going to a place called Billy Bobs..thats right Billy Bobs…how more Texan can I get?

* Theres been a cold drizzle rain all day here…it made me think of Exeter…and then it made me grateful I wasn’t walking 45 mins in flip flops to church…cause thats what I use to do there…


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